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uqlycasanova's Journal

Ugly Casanova
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everyone can join, rock out guys
3 inch horses, 3rd planet, 5-4-3-2-1 lips off, 9., a different city, all night diner, all nite diner, alone down there, alright, austral opithecus, bankrupt on selling, beach side property, blue cadet- 3, bmx crash, breakthrough, brian deck, built to spill, convenient parking, cowboy dan, custom concern, dirty fingernails, do you connect?, dog paddle, doin' the cockroach, dramamine, dukes up, edit the sad part, edit the sad parts, every penny fed on, exit does not exist, four fingered fisherman, gravity rides everything, head south, heart cooks brain, here it comes, hotcha girls, indie, interstate 8, isaac brock, jeremy green, k punk, life like weeds, lives, long distance drunk, lounge, lounge (closing time), mice eat cheese, might, modest mouse, murder city devils, music, neverending math equation, night on the sun, novocain stain, ohio, other people's lives, out of gas, pall a. jenkins, paper thin walls, path of least resistance, perfect disguise, polar opposites, red hand case, roads, sad sappy sucker, seatle, secret agent x-9, sharpen your teeth, she ionizes & atomizes, shit luck, sin gun chaser, sleepwalking, space travel is boring, sub pop, sucker bet, swy, that dog, the air, the cold part, the moon and antarctica, the moon and antartica, the pacific northwest, the rocking horse winner, the stars are projectors, think long, tim rutili, trailer trash, truckers atlas, tundra, tundra / desert, two faced monsters, ugly casanova, ugly casonova, ugly cassanova, ugly cassonova, unlimited sunshine 2002.., veruca salt, wagon ride return, willful suspension of disbelief, woodgrain, worms vs. birds., you're the good things